An Insider’s Guide To Budget Travel

August 27, 2021. by

It’s expensive to travel. This is a fact we cannot escape. There’s good news! There are simple ways to save money on travel. We spoke with some experts who can help you plan your next vacation on a budget. Discount airlines such as JetBlue, Spirit, and Frontier are the best when it comes to low fares. Although they offer no frills, they are not the best option for families. When asked his preference for an airline, Daniel Southgate, a father of two from South Carolina, said, “Southwest, hands down.” Although their flights are more expensive, you don’t have to pay baggage fees. Southgate says that it is difficult to pack light with two young children. He takes his family on biannual trips to visit his parents in another country. Discount airlines may charge extra for items like water, snacks, and Wi-Fi on board, which can quickly eat into your pocket.

Budget Travel – Watch What You Eat

It doesn’t take long before your dining budget starts to run dry. To help you cut down on your food spending, set a food budget and brown bag it to keep your travel budget in check. To stock up on snack, cereal, and sandwich fixings, go to your local grocery store. A case of water and any other non-perishable items to keep in your room. You can cook your meals at home if your accommodation has a kitchenette.

Budget Travel – Become A Couponed

Katie Knight, a mother of three, says that she never makes a purchase without looking for coupons. She is especially careful when shopping online for travel coupons. It takes just seconds to search for Groupon coupons and promo codes, even if nothing comes up.

Budget Travel – Get An Agent

In addition to finding a hotel that offers free breakfast, take advantage of discounted rates and exclusive offers with a free Choice Privileges membership. Don’t forget about the free Wi-Fi benefits. These data costs can really impact your bank account, especially if it’s far away from home.

Budget Travel – Take Advantage Of Freebies

It’s a great way to ruin your budget, even though it makes you a smooth latte every day. Make use of the coffee maker in your hotel room instead. Consider bringing your own equipment if you are unable to drink drip coffee. Matt Snarks’ from Burbank, a business executive, says that an AeroPress coffee maker is essential. It doesn’t take up much space in your luggage and brews a really good cup of coffee.

Budget Travel – Be Your Own Barista Graphic

Pay attention to your credit card terms and conditions, especially if traveling abroad. Does your card charge a foreign transaction fee? Is it able to provide travel insurance? Rental car insurance? You won’t be surprised later by unexpected costs.

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