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Couples that are looking for something very different from their usual surroundings are now considering the option of a destination package. Part of this package includes the services of a professional photographer. In the west these photographs are usually taken on the day during the ceremony, be it in a 13th century gothic church or a shimmering white sandy beach in Australia.

In Asia the phenomenon known as destination photography has a slight twist. Instead of the photographs been taken on the day they are usually taken weeks or months in advance of the big day. This fashion of shooting pre photographs in exotic locations is more popular in Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Malaysia than anywhere else in the world.

Many Asian couples are looking for exciting romantic fairytale European towns and cities to have their pre destination photographs taken.

Central and Eastern Europe offer an unparalleled choice of romantic fairytale settings. With centuries of history behind them cities like Budapest in Hungary, Prague in the Czech Republic, Vienna in Austria and Krakow in Poland have magnificent castles and cathedrals which provide the perfect backdrop for pre photographs. Budapest in particular is a fantastic city at the heart of Eastern Europe; known as the Paris of the east it has an amazing array of architectural styles including gothic, baroque and art nouveau.

Aside from the photographer and assistant most overseas pre photography packages include the services of a professional makeup artist. The makeup artist plays an essential role in insuring that the couples look their very best for their pre photographs. Usually the bride and groom bring their own clothes of choice for the shoot although some photography packages also include the option of hiring dresses and suits from a local specialist. However in the end it’s the professional paris photographer who’s the dream maker creating memories the couple will look back on and treasure for a lifetime.

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