Mark Antman – Inspiring People to Take Exquisite Photos

July 26, 2018. by

A picture says more than a hundred words and snapping that perfect shot is both art and magic. The feel of a photographer is something learnt in time which comes from the inner sensitive part. The reality is that people like Mark Antman bring this whole idea of exquisite photos to a whole new level. Everyone knows him as he works in New York City as a photojournalist. He owns The Image Works photo studio and he is totally passionate to create photographic art.


The thing that he loves most is working with a multitude of companies who love his art and want to buy it for public display. It is likely that you will find his work in a company’s lobby or in a variety of editorials. He is not pleased to remain at the same level and encourages people to apply his tactics. As a photographer, Antman believes that the key to success is to learn new trends and tricks and master the art to perfection. This can only be done by getting in contact with a variety of people and situations. He loves to travel a lot and turns these trips into opportunities of meeting new people and getting inspired by various locations. After these journeys, he comes home with a multitude of photos from the lives of so many people.


Mark Antman started his career timidly, but in time he opened a successful studio together with Alan Carey. Earning money from photography is not that easy. It is not enough to be talented, but you also need the right equipment. Investing in cameras and gadgets implies a lot of money, but this is the only way in which you can do art. Antman tells people not to be cheap when they buy a camera. Choosing the right one will save them money in the future, especially if they consider earning their living through photography.


The art of taking pictures is a demanding task which needs to be mastered really well. In these days, everyone has a small camera and many people believe that they are photographers. But a real professional is a master of his art. He has sophisticated equipment and processing software and does not treat photography merely as a hobby. For him, this is his way of living and the thing he wakes up in the morning, knowing that he has to give his best.


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