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1) Preview the pair
No, I do not mean to screen actually the couple before you decide to work with them. (Although in some cases, this could actually be a good idea.) Know Anyway, whoever. These people in advance Meet up with them. Over coffee, lunch, or just a little while chatting on phone The best way for you to get the engagement photos that this couple wants is to find out what it is that they really want. They get together a feel for their personality and their chemistry.

2) Keep connected
This commitment peak picture basically speaks for itself – keep the couple together. Sure, they are a bit nervous (especially if they are not super comfortable with you just yet), but do your best to keep them in another. This leads me to my next pointer …

3) PDA is okay (and necessary!)
Since an engagement photo session is completely different from a normal head shot, model, or family photo shoot, you have to remember that the overarching theme for these pictures will be love. Make yourself comfortable and the couple know that they kiss, hug, hold hands, playing, being silly, and his sentimental mushy gushy all they want! It makes the images more personal and personable!

4) As always … “Burst Mode!”
This seems to be a recurring theme in my article … definitely a point to use “burst” mode, while Photography engagements. The couple will be nervous, so after they (think they look natural!) Their first and stiff posing for the camera doing, they will loosen up, smile, laugh, look at each other … for these are the moments that you want to catch more than anything else.

5) The situation is lucrative
If you have been doing photography, engagement photography, especially, for a while, you can get some great places around your city to photograph the engagement. Prepare yourself with a list of places and places of interest in advance that you can hit for the pair. You probably open and willing to respect anything you have to say! Couples often also travel to other cities for their commitment images, so make sure you have followed some hotpots that will be aesthetically pleasing.


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