There will be a limit for subsidized tickets to the Canary Islands

October 5, 2018. by

The battle for the subsidy of the plane tickets that connect the peninsula with the Canary Islands continues at its peak. Now, the Spanish Ministry of Public Works has decided that it will place a maximum limit on the amount of the fares that have a subsidy to make that trip.

With this decision what the government tries to alleviate is the certain abuse on the part of some airline companies to charge the Canary traveler who wants to move to the peninsula exorbitant prices , knowing that it is the government that subsidizes the operation.

But, yes, from the Spanish executive has been assured that the subsidy will remain unchanged, with a 50 percent subsidy for all those who will travel from the Canary Islands to the peninsula and are natives of the island.

The idea is to stop paying those bills that are around 600 euros when, in reality, the average price of that ticket should be between 120 and 70 euros.

Thus, it is intended to limit the tariffs to be subsidized , choosing a lower price range that prevents the government from paying or subsidizing bills that have an exorbitant price compared to the usual rates of those same companies.

In addition, to achieve greater control of this type of subsidies, the government intends to regulate a new way of knowing who is resident in the Canary Islands and who fails to ensure that the cheapest flight reservations go to those who are residents of the Canary Islands. island.


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