How to choose the right canvas printing company

October 22, 2018. by

There’s lots of places to get a canvas print – how do I know the company will be reputable?

We know how important it is to choose the right shop for your personalised canvas art prints, and here at Brilliant Canvas we strive to be your company of choice.

We are a family-run company that has been turning photographs into canvas wall art since 1989, and have recently expanded our services online to better reach a more geographically diverse clientele seeking personalised canvas prints from photos. We have decades of experience in creating canvas wall art from either old prints or digital photographs, and we look forward to making your prints into a brilliant centrepiece for any room.

When deciding on a canvas printing shop to help you transform your photos into works of art, you will likely be looking for a company that demonstrates both the technical expertise and customer service skills required to produce a final product that you will cherish. Your canvas art print will be decorating your walls for years to come, and purchasing a poorly produced or overpriced piece of canvas wall art will certainly detract from the enjoyment that should be derived from decorating your surroundings with your personalised works of art.

In evaluating a company to serve your canvas art printing needs, the quality is of the utmost importance. We only use materials of the best quality to ensure that your canvas print not only looks its best fresh out of the box, but will continue to look its best in years to come. We only use inks of the best quality to prevent fading over the years, as well as heavy duty canvas (minimum 340gsm weight) and solid wooden frames made of pine to achieve a well-crafted and lasting display for your photos on canvas.

Aside from quality, we also understand that choosing a company that can offer a reasonable price is a practical necessity. Regardless of how much money you are looking to spend, we are able to work with you to customise your piece in order to meet your needs. Your canvas wall print need not be custom only in its design, but also in its dimensions. Whether you are looking to fill a massive wall or only a small corner, we offer bespoke sizes at no additional cost. Our online tools make it easy to envision your canvas print on your wall. Simply upload the image you wish to print and customise the size of the virtual room for a preview of how your individualised print will look in the context of a room. No matter the size or style of print you choose, we will happily provide you with a preview image and email estimation before commencing work, and aim to process all orders quickly and despatch your canvas print within five working days.

Finally, when ordering a custom product online it is important that you can put your trust in the people behind the company. We are more than just a printing machine, but a family-run company with staff trained to make your canvas art print look its best. For example, we are mindful to maintain maximum image quality by using professional software to carefully enlarge your original images. We also offer restoration services to give new life to your old, damaged prints.

We will take the time and care to turn your photograph into a brilliant piece of canvas wall art. We truly enjoy turning precious memories into canvas art prints, and look forward to working with you to create something that you are sure to enjoy for years to come.


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