Top Tips – Better photos for canvas prints

October 24, 2018. by

Top Tips – Better photos for canvas prints

  • Fed up with blurred holiday photos?
  • Not capturing those magic moments?
  • Want people to be impressed with your photos?
  • Wasting time deleting rubbish photos off your camera?

Here are some answer for you to discover –

At Brilliant Canvas we see a lot of different photos come through each day for our bespoke canvas prints, some good and some bad.

As a company that prides itself on producing excellent quality canvas prints, we do all we can to improve the quality.

However, there is nothing better than starting off with a great photo. A great original image always equals a better canvas print at the end.

“Do I need to buy expensive camera equipment to take a good photo?” Not at all! You can spend a fortune on camera equipment but if you don’t follow some basics steps the end result will still be rubbish!

To help were our next few series of articles will focus on tips to taking better photos. Using just a few of these will help you to take better photos. Mastering all will result in truly outstanding results!

Here are the 1st Three tips in the series:

  • Hold the camera steady. If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen someone holding a camera one handed, I’d be very rich. Hold the camera firmly in both hands with the base resting in the palms and tuck your elbows in. This will help reduce camera shake and create much sharper images.
  • Turn Off the Digital Zoom. This is especially important if you’re looking to print the image on to canvas at a later date. The digital zoom is generally nothing more than the computer inside your camera magnifying your image by throwing pixels in where it believes is best. Digital Zoom results in noise in the photo and a big reduction in quality. You can turn this off on most cameras (refer to your camera manual for more details). Better option is to move yourself closer or when ordering your canvas at Brilliant Canvas just add into the comments which part of the photo you would like enlarging and we’ll use our specialist software to help.
  • Obey the Rule of Thirds. One of the 1st things a budding photographer will learn about is the rule of thirds and the benefit it has on photos. The basic rule is to image dividing your image down into thirds (both vertically and horizontally) so you have 9 squares. The idea is you place subjects of interest at the interesections.


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