Noise in digital photos

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There is so much the photographer and we can do as printers to make sure you get the perfect image on to canvas. In this article we look at ways you can reduce the problem called ‘noise’ to improve the photo at origin and what services we offer as printers to optimise the quality of your finished canvas print.

At one time or another, you’ll probably hear people talk about “noise” in digital photos. Nope, this doesn’t involve screaming children; it actually involves tiny specks of random colour that show up in a photo. It’s basically the digital equivalent of film grain.

Lets first look at what you can do –

These tips are dependent on the amount of adjustments you camera allows. Please refer to your instruction manual for how or if you can make these changes:

  • Digital Zoom – This is probably the most common cause of noise on photos – it can add extra “noise” to your photos. This is because the digital zoom creates pixels where none exist. If possible switch the digital zoom off to remove all temptation of using it.
  • Shoot at the lowest possible ISO – Your ISO setting controls how sensitive your CCD or CMOS sensor is to light (digital film speed). The higher the number, the more sensitive it is and the less light you need to get a photo.
  • However, the higher you set your ISO, the more noise you pick up. So, always shoot with the lowest setting possible. If your camera has an “auto ISO” feature, use it – this will keep the ISO as low as possible. As the light gets brighter or darker, it adjusts your ISO automatically.
  • Shoot at higher shutter speeds – If you stick your camera on a tripod and try some long exposures, you’ll probably notice a nasty increase in noise – especially if you’re shooting at a higher ISO
  • Except cameras have limitations – We all like to think in the digital age our gadgets can cope with anything. Sadly this isn’t true. If we are in a situation such as a show and can’t use flash the camera will try to compensate for this by adding pixels and colour where it believes they should be. Unfortunately most cameras don’t do this well and you end up with a very noisy image.

Now let’s look at what we can do –

Don’t worry if you have a noisy picture, not all is lost. We use the latest image enhancement software available and in situations like this we will always send you a sample of the improved image before printing it on to canvas. We take your photo and enlarge it and see where the noise is and then use our software to minimise a great deal of the noise, improving the photo quality.


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