How to enhance your photo for canvas

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How to enhance your photo for canvas

Are you thinking of having a bespoke canvas print being made up for your home?

After you’ve chosen your likely picture for uploading to our website, you may be perhaps a little dissapointed with your own photo – and wish for something to ‘zing’ it up a little!

Unlike other canvas printing stores, we take great pride at Brilliant Canvas in helping out our customers by achieving the perfect photograph for you. How does this work?

At checkout, you can specify from a wide range of effects or enhancements to your print. To find out more about the services we offer, check out our Canvas Printing Services page.

What kind of effects and enhancements do we offer?

Well, in overview –

Pop Art Effect –
Always loved that Andy Warhol look? Fancy creating a unique canvas of perhaps your own family in the same style? Our experts can transform your photograph to replicate the Andy Warhol pop art style. Really makes an impact in a series of bright colours!

Colour change edits –
We can easily make a sepia, black and white or even a hand tinted canvas print from your photo. Opting for the hand tinted option allows you to discuss with our team exactly how you’d like it tinted. As a great example, a photo of your wedding day made black and white, with perhaps the cravates and bridesmaid’s dresses left in full colour! The options are endless.

Old photo clean up –
If you have an old photo scanned in that is showing signs of wear, creases and tears – depending on the subject matter, Brilliant Canvas could improve the photo and ‘repair’ the marks on the photo giving it a whole new lease of life.

Photo optimisation –
Perhaps the photo you have is already great, and you just need a little sparkle bringing to it with the colours. We can increase brightness levels and colour depth for you, for example making a slightly dull day look a bright day! Or maybe there’s a lovely photo of the kids you’d like to use for your canvas print – apart from the chocolate stain down one of their tshirts! No problem for our team, we can erase out the mess to create the perfect portrait for your wall.

Remember – all the above are not ‘automated’ processes – the Brilliant Canvas team work on your photo by hand, and discuss with you exactly how you’d like your print to look.

We believe this is what makes us different, and why having a canvas printed from your photo with us is the best decision you can make!


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