What is CDW and LDW Insurance

October 30, 2018. by

This is consider to be an important topic we would like to talk about. When you purchased or had rented some of vehicle from any car rental company. You will notice about these CDW and LDW. Here I would like to explain to what is LDW and CDW ?

LDW or Loss Damage Waiver and CDW is Collision Damage Waiver insurance!. LDW and CDW is an insurance included in all international car rental brands like Budget, Avis , Hertz, National and other inter brands. These LDW and CDW are coverage in the Car Rental prices per day. These insurances provide comprehensive coverage to the Renter for their rented vehicle damage, as well as Liability protections against the third party injury and death , also vehicle and property damage.

For the liability of bodily injury or death of any third person, including passengers which are caused by an accidents, coverage to amount of (depend on the different Car rental companies) per person or no exceeding to some amount per an accident depend on term and condition of Car Rental companies. All the claims shall be determined by the courts in different country depend on which location or countries you using Car Rentals.

LDW and CDW of each Car Rental company have different term. Some Car Rental company offers LDW or CDW coverage limit Renter responsibility to a maximum of 250$ in the event of loss or damage to the rented vehicle which the recovery can not be made from third party.

In some of the locations or countries LDW or CDW excess might be amount of “0” Therefore every time you sign an agreement read carefully, ask if you do not understand the term or any question inquiry to you.

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