Cruises Are The Latest Millennial Travel Trend

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America’s largest and most diverse generation, the millennials, is America’s largest. These young adults, who number 80 million, are changing the face of travel. Many of these young adults were born between 1980-2000 and travel is an essential part of their lives. They are more open-minded and interested in traveling than any other generation, making it easier for them to travel of all types, including the newest Millennial trend, cruise vacations. We suggest some of the best cruises for young adults, including some insight on who Millennial travelers are and what experiences they’re ultimately looking for.

Millennial Travelers At-a-glance

You are likely a Millennial and want to invest your hard-earned cash in meaningful, authentic travel experiences that reflect your values. You don’t always have the luxury of a week of vacation, so it is important to make the most of your time off work by focusing on “must-sees” and “must-dos” in a short amount. Young adults also want to be connected digitally while on vacation to share their trip highlights with friends and family, often in real-time. 97% of Millennials share their travel experiences via social media, usually at least once per week. Millennials are more likely to consult online reviews and social media before booking a trip. Your expectations are now a top industry priority.

Here are some quick stats on Millennial travel habits:

  • 72% of Millennials prefer to spend money on experiences over material goods.
  • 80% of Millennials desire to learn more about a place by experiencing it firsthand. 
  • Half of Millennials are parents and many desire to go on non-traditional family vacations. 
  • 60% of people want to be connected when they travel and will pay for reliable internet.2
  • 85% of millennials compare prices before booking travel.  
  • 87% of young adults use social media to find inspiration for their travels.  
  • 75% of Millennials desire to travel internationally as often as possible. 

Also, read 9 Best Apps to Find Things to Do on Vacation So how do all of these stats align with cruising coming up as a growing Millennial travel trend?

Millennials’ Increased Interest in Cruise Travel

32% of Millennials have taken a cruise within the past five years. Many young adults choose the straightforward, all-inclusive option of travel. But brands around the world are listening to their needs. The stereotype that Millennials are backpackers in hostels is being dispelled, and they now travel with more sophistication. One thing that is common across the travel industry, is that these young adults are increasingly avoiding mass tourism and opting for customized itineraries.

However, travelers of all ages want convenience and comfort. Millennials love the idea that cruises can be both transportation and accommodation. As cruise lines expand their services, they are emphasizing the appeal of letting your bags go for the whole trip. Many cruise lines have invested in revamping and modernizing their brands in order to appeal to millennials. Cruises are no longer a luxury for the elderly. They are as varied as other travel types. With more Millennial-friendly options and prices that are often all-inclusive, young adults are now booking cruises at a higher rate than their generational counterparts. 

Best Cruises for Young Adults

Cruise lines wanting to cater to the next generation of cruise vacationers are tapping in to common Millennial travel expectations, hoping to be a top cruise choice for young adults.

Virgin Voyages

Richard Branson’s new brand, Virgin Voyages, wants “people who’d never dream of going on a cruise ship” to join them on their upcoming adults-only ocean voyages with the concept of “curiosity is more important than an itinerary” and “interactions matter more than transactions”.

Disney Nostalgia

Classics such as Disney Cruise Line are a staple in the cruise industry. They offer nostalgic Disney experiences and top-rated entertainment. Learn more about why a Disney Cruise isn’t just for children.

Umbworld Cruises

Umbworld Cruises has created a line exclusively for Millennials, Umbworld by Umbworld. This is a deliberate effort to be one of the top cruises for young adults. The new line of cruises offers river cruises in Europe with Millennial sensibilities. It features modern aesthetics, eco-friendly, free Wi-Fi, late-night activities onboard, and activities onshore that begin after brunch. U by Umbworld is designed for Millennials who want a more intimate cruise experience and a local feel. It also offers shorter, livelier trips that take guests to the heartbeat of popular European cities. River cruises may be a great option for those with limited vacation time and who wish to visit multiple countries and cities while also meeting other like-minded travelers.

The Value of Travel Insurance

Young adults often travel abroad, and often it involves adventure. How many Millennials have invested in travel insurance for every trip? Travel insurance is something we recommend to all ages. Generali’s plans include trip cancellation coverage, which is only one of many benefits.

Travel insurance is valuable, especially for planned trips such as cruises. These are just a few of the many benefits that travel insurance can provide:

  1. Emergency medical evacuation: Have you got an extra?$50,000 laying aground If you require medical evacuation from a vessel, Most cruise ships have a clinic and onboard medical staff, but they are not equipped for more serious medical emergencies.
  2. Continue your trip: Let’s suppose you are on a shore excursion when you get hurt in a car accident. Trip Interruption coverage will reimburse you for your out-of-pocket travel costs to get back to your planned trip, or to take you home if your trip is cancelled.
  3. Lost or stolen wallet and passport assistance: If your passport or wallet is stolen or lost, travel insurance can help. We can help with emergency cash advances, help you contact an embassy, and Identity Theft Resolution services.


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