List Of World’s Most Romantic Cities

June 25, 2019. by

Whether you’re a new couple or you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, there are a few cities famous for igniting romantic feelings. From quaint cobblestone paths in Europe to sunny beach destinations in the U.S. and beyond, here are some of the some of the greatest locations for a couple’s getaway. 

1. Venice, Italy

Travel and Leisure readers couldn’t resist the city famous for its weaving canals and old stony paths. If you and your partner have a mutual taste for classic architecture, beautiful piazzas and high-end art galleries, this is the place for you. There’s no itinerary necessary for a trip through Venice. Stroll the cityscape, marvel at the buildings and drop by one of the numerous cafés that run alongside the canals.

2. Santorini, Greece

For a little charming culture and a lot of picturesque coastline, pack your bags and head to Santorini. According to The Travel Channel, this is one of the perfect venues for rekindling romantic feelings. Maybe you’ll feel the sparks fly as you watch the sunset over the deep blue waters of the Aegan Sea, or perhaps a trip to one of the gorgeous white sand beaches will make your heart race. if you want to combine centuries-old charm with some timeless stunning views, you’ll fall in love with Santorini.

3. San Antonio, Texas

If you want a romantic adventure closer to home, Time Magazine called San Antonio the most romantic city in America based on an Amazon survey. According to the news source, residents of San Antonio are notorious for purchasing romantic comedies, romance novels and albums by Barry White. If the purchasing history isn’t enough to sway your opinion, the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau has a specific section dedicated to romantic rendezvous filled with fine dining restaurants, art galleries, and swanky hotels and spas.

4. Paris, France

It wouldn’t be right to leave out the City of Love. On almost every list of romantic cities, you’ll find Paris toward the top, and with sights like the Eiffel tower, famous winery tours, quality restaurants dotting every street and attractions like the Locks of Love Bridge, it’s hard to disagree. The Travel Channel suggested visiting one of the world class art galleries with your loved one, while Travel and Leisure recommended a picnic by the Place des Vosges square. However, in Paris it may be more difficult to find a venue that doesn’t inspire romance.

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