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James Shadle in the Fakahatchee  StrandI was born in Tampa, FL in 1958, and grew up in rural Hillsborough County, playing in the woods and fields where homes and businesses now stand. Till this day, I live only a couple of miles from were I was raised.

So to say I am a native is an understatement. My mother’s side of the family has been in Florida for generations.

I have always loved being out in the wild - it must be genetic - you see, my father was a hunter, fisherman and alligator poacher. As children we could wake up to one footers in the bath tub, a three footer in our pool, and an eight footer's hide being cured out in the shed.

I also love to stalk wildlife, unlike my father; however, I hunt with only a camera and shoot only digital media.

I have been married 28 years to my lovely wife Donna who shares my love for nature. She accompanies me on some of my expeditions, but I can't seem to get her to go wading with me in the Everglades. We have two boys, Aaron 24 and Blake 21; through marriage we now have daughters as well.

Blake is my constant companion in the field, but unlike me he has been able to convince his wife (Micah) to explore the Everglades with him (the Squirt went wading in the Fakahatchee Swamp!).

As a father and husband, I highly recommend exploring Wild Florida as a family.

Recent Accomplishments
Completed Florida Freshwater Wetlands Master Naturalist Training
Member American Birding Association
Member North American Nature Photography Association
Featured as 1 of Florida’s 21 most intriguing people (Florida Monthly Magazine)
Featured in Shutterbug Magazine
Featured in the St.Petersburg Times
Cover of Visions Magazine (4 wrap around covers in a row)
Cover Photo PhotoMigrations Online Magazine
Published Popular Photography
Published National Geographic Adventure Magazine
Published National Wildlife Magazine
Published Florida Naturalist Magazine
Published Las Olas Magazine
Published Disquieting Muses
Published Bay Soundings
Published EnviroAction
Published for advertising numerous times
Winner Field and Forest Nature Photography Contest
Winner G.O.P.S. Photography Contest
Winner Nikonians Photography Contest
Winner National Wildlife Federation Annual Contest (2003 and 2005, did not enter 2004)
Overall Winner International Photo Art Exhibition
Picture of the Week Shutter City
Picture of the Week Nature Photographer.Net
Picture of the Month PhotoMigrations
Picture of the Week NPN
New Client - Tim Laman, National Geographic Contract Photographer
New Client - NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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