Summer Fashion Trends: What to Wear on Holiday

June 4, 2019. by

nce you’ve made your decision on where you’re going, which hotel you’re staying at, and who you’re travelling with… the next most important thing to do is pack. What to take with you for a sunshine holiday is not always the same as what you would be wearing in the UK every day – not that you could fit your entire summer wardrobe into your 15kg case anyway.  Regardless, though, there are some fashion trends to follow this year. Luckily, they’re all light, breezy, and beautiful! Check out these top 2011 summer holiday fashion must-haves to make your packing light – and be on the forefront of style!

1.  The Maxi Dress – Redone

Last summer’s hottest trend is set to continue this year – and I must say, we are very grateful! The Maxi Dress is the ultimate holiday wardrobe essential that will take you from your afternoon tea to a romantic evening meal with just a simple change of your shoes. This year, though, the Maxi trend has shifted to bright, neon, or neutral colours in sheer fabrics. Leave last year’s flower prints at home and opt for a solid, bright colour in a light, sheer fabric instead. The texture and flow of these dresses is ideal for hot weather and their versatility between day and night means more precious luggage space for your shoes! Pair with flat sandals during the day and switch to your favourite wedges in the evening for a dressier look.

2.   1970s Pleated Skirts

The Pleat is back! Yes, you heard me. At least for skirts, that is. Pleated skirts are all the rage this summer. Try going for those bright neon shades again but the choice of length is all yours. Pleated skirts can be mini, knee, or maxi length and must accentuate your waist. This summer trend is also all about what shoes you pair with it. Gladiator booties, sandals, and pumps will all do! Looks like your luggage is going to consist primarily of shoes….

3.  The Floppy Brimmed Hat

Hooray! Another style trend favoring the beach dwellers and holidaymakers this year is the wonderful floppy brimmed hat. A must-have for this season’s 70s trends, this hat will keep you cool from the sun and stylish on the beach – or in town! Not solely for the swimsuit, these romantic accessories are screaming to be paired with your maxi dress, shorts, and flares (yes – flares!). Note: The flare trend is in high swing this summer season but did not make our cut because – really – who wants to wear long pants on holiday?! But if you are indeed the pant-loving type – then give them a go!  

4.  The Platform Wedge

No 70s style trends are complete without these beloved shoes. Build for flattering versatility and surprising comfort, fashion definitely loves us this season! Pair these beauties with any of this year’s summer holiday pieces to finish your look for an evening meal or for a night out.  

We’re really excited to see this summer’s trends in all your holiday photos… but not more excited than the prospect of wearing them ourselves! If you have any of your own suggestions for this summer’s holiday trends, let us know!

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