Three Incredible Weekend Trip Ideas

June 25, 2019. by

The heart of the summer is the perfect time to take a vacation, but work schedules and weekday plans can often make an extended trip unrealistic for busier tourists. That’s why taking advantage of those precious weekend days is all too important. If the stress and monotony of work life has got you down, take a trip to one of these three travel destinations for the best in sights and adventure. You’ll be surprised how reinvigorating a short excursion to one of these places can be.

Las Vegas

Vegas has bright lights, big venues, hundreds of tourist attractions and all the tireless nightlife you can handle. The benefits of a weekend trip to Vegas are twofold: This city often puts visitors in the gray area between manic, indulgent fun and full on sensory overdose. There’s only so much debauchery one traveler can take before the city becomes too much. That’s why a three-day or even two-day trip is perfect for taking the city of sin head on. Celebrate to your heart’s content, and you’ll be ready to hit the road by the end of the weekend.

Vegas is one of the cheapest locations for a trip in the United States. Hotels are dirt cheap because they mean to attract more tourists to their gambling floors. Dining is decently inexpensive depending on where you go and the transit is cheaper than bigger cities like New York or San Francisco. Be careful though, indulging in the events, games and expensive venues can quickly exhaust your vacation budget

Colorado Springs

On the other hand, a little tranquility and natural scenery might suit you better than the glaring lights and heavy crowds in Las Vegas. For tourists that want to trade in that lofty skyline for some towering mountain ranges, Colorado Springs is the place to be. Take a stroll through some of the picturesque parks or engage your bolder side with a little outdoor adventure. With rafting, hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing and a litany of other pulse-pounding activities to participate in, you’ll find more to do in Colorado Springs than you can handle. This is the ultimate trip for nature lovers looking to get a little fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains.

Puerto Rico

At the end of the day, however, nothing beats a beach vacation on an idyllic island, and Puerto Rico is the next best thing to an extended trip in the Bahamas. Located a short distance from the mainland and just a short plane ride away, a trip to Puerto Rico is completely reasonable for a long weekend. Equipped with all of the luxury you would expect on a paradisiacal Caribbean island, Puerto Rico is the best place for dedicated beach lovers.

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