Trees Inside Canada’s Free Spirit Spheres

June 25, 2019. by

Deep in the tranquil woodlands of Vancouver Island, Canada, travelers can experience a surreal stay up in the tall trees. Hanging amid the branches are three smooth wooden spheres that look like they were built for some sort of sci-fi movie set rather than the deep woods. These spheres function, essentially, as floating hotel rooms, and they’re are available for rent. If you’d like to become one with nature in perhaps the most unusual lodging on the continent, Canada’s Free Spirit Spheres await.

The construction

According to Free Spirit Spheres, each structure is suspended by three high-strength ropes attached to the nearby trees. Without a conventional foundation, they use the surrounding environment for support. Visitors use a spiral staircase and a connected drawbridge to reach the dwelling. If you really want to experience nature at work, these structures will actually allow you to feel the wind through the trees during your stay. Because the spheres are attached to the trees, they sway very slightly with each breeze. 

Don’t worry about falling from the trees during your stay. The ropes that connect the sphere to the trees are each built to support the structure alone, according to the organization’s website. Moreover, the spheres are built to withstand falling ice or branches by distributing impact stress. The outer shells of the dwellings were also built to be especially tough.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Another added bonus to staying in these fascinating tree houses, NBC suggested they’re one of the perfect places to go off the grid and vacation in peace. Free Spirit Spheres is a reasonable distance from any nearby cities. Instead, you can soak up the woodland sights and enjoy some spirited outdoor activities to pass the time. NBC recommended Frisbee golf in the forest and a relaxing stay in the sauna.

An added bonus, the lodgings are available for rent all year round. While The Globe and Mail stated that Free Spirit Spheres is one of the ultimate late summer travel destinations, you can take a more serene tour of the grounds in the winter, too. You may be especially astounded by the surroundings and the branches of the trees with a fine blanket of snow covering them. Visitors are welcome to choose between the three different spheres at their leisure. Each dwelling is a different size and outfitted with different amenities to keep guests comfortable and

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